The time has come for fighting in the street

Greetings!  This is the official blog of Occupy Binghamton (Binghamton, NY), or that is to say, the voice of Binghamton’s 99%.  We are here to stand, allied with our brothers and sisters down on Wall St who have begun the revolution against consolidated economic power, and in solidarity with our brothers and sisters here in America and across the world who suffer due to these conditions.  We occupy together – not just in New York, but in America.  Time to take back what is ours.

Our organization is democratic – horizontal, not hierarchical.  We are structured to cooperate in the best way possible to be as effective as possible in achieving our end goals and fulfilling the promise of the Occupy Movement.

This blog will be used to keep track, for you the reader, of our goings on, of opinions of different members, and of the minutes of what goes on at our open meetings.  You can subscribe by e-mail at the bottom.  We fight for you, will you follow us?


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