Organizational Meeting
September 26, 2011
(12 in attendance)

Meeting assembled at 7:02pm

Opened the meeting with introductions and a reading of Occupy Wall street’s General Assembly Points of Solidarity.
We then held a brainstorm session regarding visions individuals had for action.
Ideas were proposed for
some going down to the main Occupation on Wall street.
engage in providing resources for those already in NYC
be a visible presence in Binghamton some messages could include:
support local economy, buy local
work for local economy
better to focus on helping, not getting attention.
press campaign?
distribute information
civil disobedience/shut down traffic? (discussion of direct impact)The concern was raised about negatively impacting the very people the movement is trying to help.
Ethan L. proposal: The park on corner of state and court, have a community barbeque. Due a supply drive there. Two or three events to gain popularity.

Ethan L. volunteered to head up coordinating the supplies for the care packages. (Post on facebook group the list of things)

Randy volunteered to make up some fliers, several offers were made to distribute.

Nico volunteered to coordinate the food.

Ethan R(?) volunteered to record sessions synched with notes.

Some misc. ideas-

request songs (ex. RAtM) on radio in solidarity and to raise awareness.

flyer local businesses/schools/parking lots.

contact citizen action about bus to use down to NYC?

use Binghamton office to offer free legal aid?

Next meeting September 29 @ Rec Park, 5:30pm, main item on agenda will be the free meals in downtown.

Adjourned @ 8:10


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